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Optimal billiards, which reveals the talent of the players as much as possible


Hello, dear fans and professionals of billiards!

My name is Viktor Baraban.

I have been playing billiards for most of my life.

Billiards Pyramid has a number of disadvantages that make it monotonous and not spectacular in comparison with other world types of billiards, such as snooker and pool.

Therefore, I would like to offer to your attention a new game – Ukrainian billiards Strila.

This game, in my opinion, should become an excellent alternative to Pyramid billiards, as it maximizes the tactical and technical capabilities of the players and is extremely spectacular for the viewers.

Disadvantages of Pyramid:

Advantages of Strila:


1) In the Pyramid, there is no need to hit specific ball (balls) with the cue ball

In the Pyramid, you can hit any ball on the billiards table with the cue ball, which makes situations where the player has to escape snooker from one or more sides completely impossible, although such shots greatly increase the spectacle of the game. Pyramid players make shots from the side in very rare cases, such as playing simple abricols or balls close to the pocket.


1) In the Strila there is a need to hit the next specific ball (balls) with the cue ball. It is possible to play snooker 

This need encourages players not only to play safety shots, in order to complicate the opponent’s ability to pot the ball, but to put a mask (snooker) in order to make the opponent’s next shot as difficult as possible.


2) Heavy balls in Pyramid

Balls for the Pyramid with a diameter of 68 mm, due to their large weight, limit the range of both defensive and attacking shots of the players, making positional shots difficult.


2) Exclusive balls Aramith Premier 67 mm in Strila

Exclusive 67mm Aramith Premier balls give players more control of their shots. Such balls will improve the quality of the game without changing the existing billiard equipment (billiard tables and cues).

In addition, colored balls on a billiard table look aesthetically more perfect and more beautiful than 15 white balls.


3) Lots of balls on the table in Pyramid

A billiards table with 16 balls is overloaded. Therefore, closed positions often occur in the game, in which players perform monotonous safety shots.


3) Optimal number of balls on the table in Strila

To make game positions more spectacular, the number of balls on the table has been reduced to 8. At the same time, when potting a cue ball, not a single object ball is removed from the table, in order to encourage the player to make an better positional shots to continue the series. The game is not played up to 8 balls played, but for points.


4) Monotony of shots in Pyramid

For example, potting a cue ball from a hand from home to in “Combined” pyramid. Of course, these shots are not simple, they require considerable training and are highly valued among billiard players. But when professional players perform a series of such identical shots with the same angle of rebound, force and screw, then such a game is not spectacular for the viewers. In addition, players often make these shots without control object ball because there will be a similar shot with another ball to continue.


4) Variety of shots and increased requirements to positional game in Strila

In Strila from two houses you can play the cue ball only once in a row, after that you have to play the object ball. This increases the importance of the control position of object ball when you play the cue ball.


5) Routine safety shots in Pyramid

Safety shots in the Pyramid is often monotonous and fairly uncomplicated. Often players can make such safety shot for tens of minutes in a row, which completely destroy the entertainment for the audience.


5) Creative safety shots and placing snookers in Strila

The possibility of placing snookers in the Strila encourages players not only to perform a routine safety shots. That’s why unique interesting positions often appear on the table.


6) Boring game in Pyramid

Many Pyramid players often make the game boring by placing object balls close to the cushion. After that, closed positions appear in the game, causing long, monotonous, unspectacular games.


6) Position opening bonus (carom) in Strila

In the Strila, for transferring the ball from the side zone to the active zone with a hit from the cushion (carom), the player is awarded additional points. What encourages players to open up playing positions.


7) Unofficial name of Pyramid

Although Pyramid billiards has had its name for more than 30 years, many people often use the informal name of the Pyramid – “russian billiards” (in meaning “billiards of Rus’ “). This name is not correct, because this billiards is not connected with Rus’. 


7) Strila – Ukrainian billiards

Try the UKRAINIAN BILLIARD “STRILA” and you will see all its advantages!


The Strila Billiards team thanks for help in creating the project

Evgen Talov, Kostyantyn Kulik and Yuri Lyashenko.

As well as companies 

Aramith, Iwan Simonis, Dinaris, Federation of Billiards Sport of Ukraine, “Triumph” billiards club.

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