Yevhen Talov is the winner of Round 1 of the Strela Billiards League.

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On October 13, Round 1 of the Strila Billiards League ended. 8 players took part in the first tournament of the new billiard game, Ukrainian billiards Strila, namely Yevhen Talov, Kostyantyn Kulyk, Vladyslav Kosogov, Viktor Baraban, Maksym Chubin, Yevhen Zlotnytskyi, Dmytro Kulikov and Andriy Zheltukhin.

First, the qualification stage was held at the tournament. Players were divided into two groups by drawing lots. The two most successful players in the group advanced to the semi-finals.

You can watch all the games of the tournament, including the qualifiers, on the Strila Billiards YouTube channel.

In group A, Kostyantyn Kulyk and Viktor Baraban, the author of the Strila billiard rules, left the group. The qualifying match of this group between Konstantin Kulyk and Yevhen Zlotnytskyi deserves special attention, in which Konstantin demonstrated an almost perfect game of Strila Billiards.

In group B, in the course of very fierce battles, Evgeny Talov and Maksym Chubin left the group. Unexpectedly, one of the strongest players of Ukraine, Vladyslav Kosogov, failed to qualify, losing to Maksym Chubin 1:3 in a very intense match.

The semi-final matches were held under the complete dominance of the favorites. In the first semi-final between Kostyantyn Kulik and Maksym Chubin, Kostyantyn won with a score of 4:0. And in the second semi-final between Yevhen Talov and Viktor Baraban, Yevhen won with a score of 4:0.

In the match for 3rd place, Maksym Chubin defeated Viktor Baraban with a score of 4:2 and became the bronze medalist of the tournament.

The final between Kostyantyn Kulik and Yevhen Talov turned out to be very interesting and principled. Both players spent a lot of time testing Strila Billiards and had good tactical practice in this game. The game turned out to be spectacular and very interesting. As a result, Evgeny Talov won the final with a score of 5:3 and became the winner of Round 1 of the Strila Billiards League. Kostyantyn Kulyk – silver medalist.

The Strila Billiards team thanks all players and spectators for their participation and attention to the new billiards. We will continue to develop Ukrainian billiards Strila. Many more interesting things await you soon!